Homeowners who are considering buying timber windows and doors may falsely assume that there is always a high level of maintenance and upkeep required to ensure they maintain their condition and do not rot. Most homeowners don’t realise they have the option to choose wooden windows or solid wood doors which do not need lots of maintenance.


Accoya® wood is the perfect material for wooden window frames, external wood doors and exterior window shutters as it offers improved thermal insulation properties in comparison with commonly used hardwood and softwood wood species and it is more durable and dimensionally stable than the best tropical hardwoods. Accoya® wood has an enhanced coatings performance and can last twice as long, saving time, money and hassle. It also has a 50 year above ground guarantee, giving complete confidence that Accoya® windows and doors will stand the test of time. An Accoya® wooden window or door is developed to excel in external applications, even in challenging conditions.

Choosing Accoya® wood for your wooden window frames gives you the reassurance of a superior, high performance wood that is long-lasting. Rivalling traditional hardwood timbers including oak, Accoya® windows will not shrink, swell or jam and will continue to open effortlessly all year round. For the same reasons, Accoya® is also perfect for wooden shutters.

Accoya® modified wood has properties that match or exceed those of the best tropical hardwoods and treated woods, yet is manufactured using FSC wood which is sustainably sourced timber.

Accoya® is wood, but not as you know it. It is modified timber in which a process called acetylation, a cutting-edge patented technology, enables it to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades. Guaranteed for 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground or freshwater, its performance and properties are remarkable.

Key Features

Accoya® wood is modified from the surface to the core; therefore, every piece of Accoya® is consistent. The BBA assessed material does not require any chemical preservatives to be applied when cut or planed.
  • Swelling and shrinkage reduced by 75% or more
  • Doors and windows open effortlessly year round
  • Reduced maintenance costs
Accoya® is the best wood for windows and external wooden doors as it is guaranteed not to rot or noticeably swell for at least 50 years. Accoya® is more durable and stable than all the other joinery woods, surpassing even teak.
  • Lasting 50 years above ground, 25 years in ground/freshwater Class 1 durability,
  • Virtually rot proof
  • 70 year minimum service life stated by TRADA
Accoya® wood windows and doors deliver long term performance and with better thermal values, provide cost savings through energy reductions. By investing in high performance windows and doors, it can add value to your home.
  • Improved stability means coatings last up to two times longer
  • Easier to coat, less preparation and sanding required

Factory applied paint coatings last longer on Accoya® wooden windows and external timber doors. Typically double the maintenance interval of traditional painted windows

Accoya® wood is a naturally beautiful material easily used to replace windows, timber sash windows, historic and contemporary windows and doors.  A full range of colours can be applied in the factory prior to delivery to meet the design requirements.
Accoya® is 100% non-toxic and produced from FSC® timber. Accoya® wood achieved the Gold standard in Cradle to Cradle assessment. The sustainability of wood varies, but the certifications that Accoya has been awarded provides assurance that our product is truly sustainable.
  • From FSC® and other regionally certified woods
  • Naturally renewable
  • Excellent Machinability
  • Insect Barrier
For further information please download the official Accoya data sheets below
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