With Accoya® wood, its improved stability means coatings last up to two times longer, giving you a low maintenance solution for timber windows and doors.
Traditional exterior windows and doors, in oak or other hardwoods, need to be checked several times a year, to ensure there are no cracks in paintwork or varnish. Wear and tear in exterior coatings means that damp and moisture can creep in, which can see the onset of rot if not seen to straight away. The movement in oak, particularly, can cause cracks within the wood and coatings.
We also offer a brush applied finish to suit your individual requirements.

Ankerstuy professional and environmentally friendly paint products – 
The perfect finish for your Accoya wood windows and doors.

Ankerstuy produce a range of superior professional paints that are both environmentally friendly and superior in quality. Their paints are technically formulated to work best in their chosen environments and have notable deep rich colour depth and great coverage and are designed to last, even in the most of extreme of conditions.

Their superior quality water based exterior paints have been developed for their excellent durability, longevity and performance. Superb for doors, windows, cladding, outside furniture and all other exterior timber.


  • Penetrates deep into timber for improved and better adhesion

  • Superb wet adhesion properties that copes well under the most extreme weather conditions
  • Water proof skin that dispels water quickly with a closed system that prevents moisture ingress and extremely low moisture uptake
  • Tougher finishing, hard wearing, surface hardness and scratch resistance

  • Environmentally friendly with a notable low VOC content. which surpasses environmental regulations, and very low odour
  • Top industry accreditation – KOMO

Ankerstuy paint

All Ankerstuy paint products are certified by KOMO – widely regarded as the leading accreditation body in Europe for the industry.